It's the only account you will ever need.

Advantages of the new TDMarkets Smart account include:

1) Smart Accounts come with $10 already deposited in them as standard

2) Smart Accounts are DMA (Direct Market Access) so no market makers manipulating your prices

3) Smart Accounts give you interest on your money at EU rates

4) Smart Accounts accept deposits from as little as $10 and lets you trade with as little as 1 cent per pip

5) Smart Accounts accept deposits as big as $10 million and lets you trade with up to $5000 per pip

6) Smart Accounts have raw interbank spreads that are 12 points lower than before .

7) Smart Accounts are safety on steriods! All deposits are held in segregated accounts at English and European banks.

8) Smart Accounts come with negative balance protection so your account can never have a negative balance.

9) Smart Accounts come with 24 hour support. If the market is open, our friendly support staff are standing by.

10) Smart Account holders get access to online seminars, webinars and whatsapp & telegram groups for education.

11) Smart Account holders get trade signals from pro traders with verified track records that they can copy.

12) Smart Accounts have Smart Account Managers who will even set it up for you and help you with everything.

12) Smart Accounts have 2.3 miliseconds faster execution thanks to Ultra low Latency II technology. 

In reality these new features are all great on their own, but together they do something very important. The New TDMarkets Smart Account put the odds in your favour and that is more than anybody needs to win in this game.

Claim your TDMarkets Smart account right now by following the instructions below.

email:  Tel: 081-514-5025 or go to and choose any option to chat to us live. Claiming your FREE account now will guarantee that you get on on Monday so don't miss out!

If you are a new customer and want a TDMarkets Smart account with $10 for FREE simply enter your details here and then follow the instructions. When your documents get verified your account will receive $10


What do you like the best? Is it the fact that you can trade a $10 account as if it were a $100 account. Yes that is right. Because you can enter with a contract 1/10th of the size you will now be able to open exactly as many trades on $10 as you could do on a $100 before. How about the fact that you can now enter volume or dollar amounts because they are the same. If you enter 1 in the volum block by new order it doesn't mean 10 anymore (as i that ever made sense right lol) When you enter 1 it means $1. And if you enter 0.01 it means 1 cent. Or are you just happy that the accounts come loaded with money as standard? Is it the 12 point spread reduction or the faster execution times?

Lets discuss this and I look forward to hearing everyones thoughts at























Further reading on smart accounts if you like.


The TDMarkets Smart Account does what all other accounts can do but in one smart account.

You don't have to open multiple accounts anymore. Unless you are with one of the other brokers or if you prefer to have multiple accounts then you obviously can open as many as you wish.


The TDMarkets Smart Account is a DMA (Direct Market Access) account that doesn't work with a dealing desk.

If you have been trading for a while you no doubt know the importance of this, but if you are new to trading you need to understand that most brokers that accept small deposits are market makers. They loose when you win and when you loose they win. This causes a conflict of interest and many market maker brokers have fallen for the temptation of manipulating the price feeds of their clients to make them loose. Just google market maker and you will see. The TDMarkets smart account puts your order directly into the interbank market with our liquidity providers without a dealing desk. We do this by using ECN technology (Electronic Comunications Network) It is faster, cheaper and above all else, IT IS FAIR TO YOU. Our interest are aligned with yours. The more money you make the more we make. It is in our interest to see you succees and that is why we offer education of the highest standard for free through our educational partners like the world famous, and Africa's Best Forex Training Provider, Global Forex Institute.


The TDMarkets Smart Account gives you interest on the money at EU Rates. . .