All Star Traders imortalised in the TDMarkets Forex Hall of Fame

The topDogs are our clients who are doing so well that we want to show everyone just how much you can achieve if you have the will, determination and education and of course a broker that you can rely on. We have hundreds of clients that have made massive gains in the short, medium and long terms with their Forex trading. We have many demo traders that achieve great results too, but so do most brokers so we will not be including any demo traders here.

This page is for interviews with, and results of the Topdog Forex traders without whom TDMarkets would  be just another average broker. It is because of these extraordinary ladies and gentlemen that TDMarkets is the number one broker for Pro traders, but more importantly, it is because of these successful Forex traders that TDMarkets is the broker of choice for all clued up beginners.

The results that you are about to see is what makes TDMarkets special. These all star traders are in the TDMarkets Forex traders hall of fame and you can see their live account statements and even find out more about where they learned, what strategies they use, who they look up to and so much more.

We are not including any of our Pro traders here. All these results were achieved by traders with less than a year of Forex trading experience. In fact most of these traders have under 3 months of Forex trading experience.

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