We have multiple funding options available for you to choose from to fund your TD Markets SMART Account. Below you can view details for each option. You can also access each option by logging into your TDM dashboard and selecting Transfers then selecting the relevant funding option.

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit & Debit card
  • Bank deposit

For step-by-step assistance and queries with funding contact one of our Support Agents by:


***TDM Holdings Inc & TD Markets Limited does not accept third party deposits nor U.S., France, and Turkey based customers or process their transactions.***

 Bitcoin. Easy - Fast - Free* - No Minimum

One of the safest, convenient and versatile option to fund your TD Markets SMART Trading account with Bitcoin (BTC). You can deposit using this funding method via your TDM dashboard or copying the wallet address  below. Reference: Use your TDM account ID as your reference. Email: support@tdmarkets.com

Wallet Address:  1FrVsh5P9HVgTwfuExqRjCnq66HyGdVR76


For more information on Bitcoin, to purchase and open a Bitcoin wallet go to www.blockchain.com

Credit & Debit Card. Easy - Instant - Free* - Minimum: $10

Fund your trading account straight from your TDM dashboard with your credit or debit card using our easy, safe and instant online payments systems. The online payment system makes use 3Ds which ensures absolute safety and security when performing online card payments with us. Payments made through PayFast



Bank Deposit. 

Login to your TDM dashboard and select the bank account option for a selection of payment options. Simply follow the payment instructions sent to you via email.

Wire Transfers. Medium Difficulty - 3 Banking Days - Free** - Minimum: $200 .  


"eHKonnect is licensed financial institution". They specialize in money transmission and foreign exchange services for businesses who trade internationally and for those who provide financial services to them. We offer the option to fund your account in these currencies - USD and EUR . Please note that each currency has it's own specific banking details and only the specified currency must be used.

Please follow Wire Instructions Exactly as required. Wire instructions for each Currency Account will be received in an email after using the following instructions.

  • Funds sent in the incorrect currency will be automatically rejected and returned to sender by the receiving bank. We are not responsible and/or liable for the bank charges and times applied by banks. Funds will NOT be accepted into the TDM account. You will need to contact your bank for assistance and request the funds be returned.
  • Funds sent in amounts less than the required minimum amount will be liable for bank charges. Funds sent of $200 and more are free from bank charges.
  • Funds sent in EUR or ZAR will be sent to your TDM landing account in the specific currency and can be converted easily to your USD trading account.
  • We are not liable and/or responsible in any way, whatsoever, for incorrectly sent funds. This includes, but is not limited to, sending the incorrect currency, incorrect banking account details used, incorrect references used.
  • Wire transfers can be done at your bank's Bureau de Change / Forex branch or an online Forex transfer if you have internet banking.
  • Once the wire has been processed by your bank, it takes 3-5 banking days to reflect.

 How To Receive Wire Instructions.

We have made easy, step-by-step instructions for you to follow and ensure you receive the correct wire instructions for the chosen currency you'd like to send in.


  • Go to secure.tdmarkets.com and login to your TDM Account.
  • Click on My Accounts at the top of the page.
  • Click on Create New: LANDING ACCOUNT.
  • Select Currency - This is the currency of the landing account you wish to create, EUR or ZAR, as USD is automatically created upon the opening of your live account.
  • Enter Electronic Signature - Simply enter your full name as stated in your profile. If this is not entered exactly the same then it will not confirm the signature.
  • Click Submit and the landing account will be created. Repeat if you'd like a landing account in the remaining currency


  • Click on Transfers. This will take you to Transfers: Fund Account.
  • From Account: Select Add new bank account.
  • Source Name and Bank Name will be the same - your bank's name.
  • Fill in your bank account number, SWIFT code, bank branch address.
  • Click Add Source.


  • Transfers - Transfers: Fund Account.
  • From Account: Select your bank account that you just added in Step Two.
  • To Account: Select the landing account / currency you would like to fund. EUR / USD.
  • Enter the amount you wish to fund with in the selected currency.
  • Broker Receiving Account: A bank account option for the selected currency will appear, select this option.
  • Click Submit. 
  • You will now receive an email with wire instructions for the specified currency. This will be sent to the email address linked to your TDM account. You can view the email address under Profile.


  • Once you have received the wire instructions email, follow the instructions exactly as required. These instructions are very specific and unique to each currency.
  • Take the wire instructions to your bank's Bureau de Change / Forex branch teller who will help you perform a wire transfer / transaction.
  • You will be required to bring your original I.D. document for the bank.
  • Alternatively if you have online / internet banking, you can perform a Forex payment, just follow the instructions and details in the wire instructions email.



Disclaimer: Kindly ensure the bank account number and details are correctly entered. We will not be held liable or responsible for transactions sent to the incorrect banking account details should you enter incorrect account details or send in the incorrect currency.

*there are no charges for this funding option.

**there are no charges for this funding option for amounts of $200 or more. Funds sent below the required minimum amount will be liable for bank charges.

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