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Social Trading

Imagine having a seasoned trader as your best mate and mentor, sharing their trading moves with you. That's exactly what Social Trading, also known as Copy Trading, is all about! You can mirror the trades of top-notch traders and potentially duplicate and ride the wave of their success.

  • Reverse-copy and multiplier options
  • Filter trade copying by lot size and more
  • Copy parameters based on volume
Ratings & Statistics Module
Ratings & Statistics Module

A separate Ratings & Statistics module is available so that the potential subscribers can view and compare performance of the public source accounts.

Subscriber Portal
Subscriber Portal

Subscriber Portal gives the opportunity for the traders to copy trades from other successful providers who rank highly in the Ratings & Statistics module.

You Are In Control
You Are In Control

A follower is always in full control via the Social Trading Dashboard and can stop or change who or what they are following at any time

3 Steps to Launch Social Trading

The following is a step-by-step guide to launch Social Trading
Register as a client of TD Markets and submit your KYC documents to receive an MT4 account.
Subscribe to the master account of the trader of your choice based on the trading results in the Ratings & Statistics module. The top 3 performing accounts are always featured on our performance leader board
Sit back and enjoy the results of the master trader account you are wanting to copy. Observe that trades are copied to subscriber MetaTrader Accounts
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