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Social Trading

Join TD Market's social trading offering by following the trader of your choice and copy their strategies with just a few clicks of a button.

Brokeree’s Social Trading

Social Trading

Successful traders (in Social Trading’s terminology, Providers) might want to share their trading strategy with less experienced traders (Followers). This concept is called ‘social trading’..

  • Reverse-copy and multiplier options
  • Filter trade copying by lot size and more
  • Choose to list profile publicly or privately
  • Copy parameters based on volume
Provider Portal
Provider Portal

Experienced traders will enjoy the solution’s immense configuration capabilities.

Ratings & Statistics Module
Ratings & Statistics Module

A separate Ratings & Statistics module is available so that the potential subscribers can view and compare performance of the public source accounts.

Subscriber Portal
Subscriber Portal

Subscriber Portal gives the opportunity for the traders to copy trades from other successful providers who rank highly in the Ratings & Statistics module.

3 Steps to Launch Social Trading

The following is a step-by-step guide to launch Social Trading
Register on the web interface as providers, subscribers, or both. Provider profiles can be listed publicly or privately.
Subscribe to the provider of your choice based on the trading results in the Ratings & Statistics module.
Check that trades are copied to subscriber MetaTrader accounts.
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