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It’s the mother of all markets, making all other types of trading possible. Every three years the Bank of International Settlements releases its survey of foreign exchange and OTC derivatives markets.
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Copy Trading: A Modern Trading Strategy 

 In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, traditional trading strategies are no longer the only path to financial success. ...
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What are Safe Haven Currencies?

Safe haven currencies are currencies that are considered to be relatively stable and less risky compared to other currencies during time...
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Traders Are Bearish On Silver

In the dynamic world of trading, market sentiment plays a pivotal role in shaping investment strategies. Traders closely monitor various...
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Snap Facing More Privacy Challenges

US Equities are taking a bit of a breather with Russia and Ukraine tensions remaining high, with the Equity market on Pause as today is ...
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NAS100 & US30 Trading In Corrective Phases

The world of financial markets is constantly in motion, and traders are always on the lookout for opportunities to profit from these...
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