A world of Trading assets

Fundamental Analysis

It’s the mother of all markets, making all other types of trading possible. Every three years the Bank of International Settlements releases its survey of foreign exchange and OTC derivatives markets.
A world of Trading assets

Fundamental Analysis

Authored by TD Markets

2022/03/01 Market Analysis

EURGBP:EURGBP has struggled to show momentum to the upside and has been corrective since rejecting the demand zone. Structurally the...
Authored by TD Markets

2022/02/17 Market Analysis

NZDJPY:The ascending trendline is still providing support for the NZDJPY and structure levels are being broken to the upside. Trader...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

How many downsides can AT&T handle?

Yesterday’s movers:MRNA was down 13.49% yesterday following news with regards to the Omicron variant that was released by the South ...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/11/24 Market Analysis

EURJPYEURJPY has been in an aggressive downtrend since rejecting the top of the daily structure. At the moment there is a bearish co...
Authored by TD Markets

Virgin Galactic aimed for the stars but are str...

Yesterday’s movers:The Boeing Company (BA) was up 5.49% as China close to resuming Dreamliner deliveries Tencent Music Entertai...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/11/11 Market Analysis

NATURAL GAS: (update)NATGAS dropped after testing the $6.28 price level and has been forming lower lows and lower highs. This recent...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/11/10 Market Analysis

EURGBP: (update)EURGBP bulls are still in charge as seen by how aggressively the market creates higher highs. Traders expect this bu...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/11/08 Market Analysis

NAS100NAS100 recently dropped after testing the top of the channel. Currently the market is forming a bearish flag which indicates t...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

Yandex is building up before earnings are set t...

The US indices continue to rally as the economy recovers, positive third quarterly earnings across the board, as well as declining COVID...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/09/02 Market Chat

It was a lackluster day on the markets yesterday as there was no real significant movement as the markets wait in anticipation for the N...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/09/01 Market Chat

It was a mixed day on the markets yesterday as US indices slid lower, off the back of some weak PMI and Consumer sentiment figures. This...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/08/30 Market Chat

The markets had a good week as the US indices all appreciated during the week and more importantly closed the week out very positive for...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/08/23 Market Chat

The markets managed to close the week out positively, as we saw the Nasdaq, Dow and S&P all close the day higher, recovering a subst...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/08/20 Market Chat

It was a mixed day on the markets yesterday as a very negative European session was followed by a significant positive US Session, like ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/08/19 Market Chat

The focus for yesterday was very much on the FOMC meeting minutes that were released. There was a lot of reference to tapering whic...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/08/18 Market Chat

It was a negative day in the market yesterday as the US reported more than 1000 COVID-19 deaths for Tuesday. The Delta variant continues...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/08/17 Market Commentary

AUDUSD: (update)AUDUSD bears are in control as the market shoots straight to the target.EURNZD: (update)EURNZD aggressiv...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/08/13 Market Chat

Positivity ran throughout the markets as US and European Indicies continue to edge higher as PPI came out extremely positive as it incre...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/08/12 Market Chat

The US Dollar was in focus yesterday as the impending CPI data was due to be released what we did see was that CPI came down unexpectedl...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/08/11 Market Chat

It was a bit of a quiet day on the markets yesterday with a lack of economic calendar events to drive the markets. Nasdaq dropped $100 o...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/08/10 Market Commentary

Friday saw NFP come out a lot higher than expected as job creations for the month neared the 1 million mark despite the private sector c...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/08/05 Market Chat

The US data yesterday came in very mixed as the ADP data came in a lot lower than expected, this should give us a bit of an indication w...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/08/04 Market Chat

Yesterday was a very mixed day in the market however more positive than negative when the day concluded during the open there was a subs...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/08/02 Market Chat

Friday was a bit of a mixed day on the markets as we saw the Nasdaq closing higher however the Dow and S&P closed lower. The Dax and...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/30 Market Chat

It was a fairly negative day yesterday from the Indices point of view, following FOMC the expectation was that there would be a lot more...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/29 Market Commentary

The major focus for the week was yesterday’s FOMC meeting, with rising inflation the is a lot of pressure on the Fed to take action with...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/28 Market Chat

It was an interesting day on the market yesterday as we saw some big moves off the back of a continued selloff in China, Dax and FTSE pl...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/27 Market Chat

Yesterday saw a decrease in volatility as the markets gear up for FOMC that’s due tomorrow, US indices edged higher as the Dow and S&...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/26 Market Chat

The last week of July is sure to be a volatile month as there are some high impact data set to be released during the week with a major ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/22 Market Chat

Yesterday was another good day on the market as indices rallied well during the day, US Indices all closed higher as they approach all-t...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/21 Market Chat

The markets rebounded well yesterday following Monday’s substantial retracements US Indices closed the day out significantly higher from...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/19 Market Chat

The markets were in a selloff as we had a couple of factors come into the market as inflationary fears, a surge in COVID cases and the U...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/07/15 Market Chat

Yesterday was a consolidation day for most of the market, US indices were ranging for most of the day as the Nasdaq rejected a couple of...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/14 Market Chat

Well, yesterday was an interesting day indeed, as CPI figures came out above expectation we saw some volatility come into the market. In...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/08 Market Chat

The market built up in anticipation yesterday as the market waited for last months FOMC Meeting minutes as more detail surrounding their...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/07 Market Chat

Yesterday we saw some negativity ran rampant throughout the markets following some negative data that was released out of Europe and the...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/06 Market Chat

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day on the markets given that it was a banking holiday in the US, US Indices were very quiet as they remain...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/05 Market Chat

The figures did come out interesting on Friday as we saw some positive NFP figures as it increased by 850 000 new jobs added however it ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/02 Market Chat

Yesterday we saw a range-bound market for the most part as investors gear up for the jobs reports due today with a big focus on NFP. Nas...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/07/01 Market Chat

Yesterday saw some mixed results as European and US Indices produced conflicting results as we saw the S&P rally higher to make yet ...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/06/30 Market Chat

It was a mixed day on the market yesterday as we saw the Nasdaq and Dax outperform all of the other indices with the Nasdaq making anoth...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/28 Market Chat

The week in review was a mixed US Indicies recovered and rallied well to make new all-time high’s across the board as the Nasdaq, Dow an...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/06/25 Market Chat

It was another risk-on day on the markets as we saw Indices push higher unanimously, US and European Indices all closed significantly hi...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/06/24 Market Chat

We had a consolidation day for the most part yesterday. US indices were stuck in a daily range as they lacked follow-through intraday as...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/22 Market Chat

The market was positive yesterday as equity markets were positive across the board as we saw American and European Indices close the day...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/21 Market Chat

Carnage ran rampant through the latter part of last week as the shift to risk-off investments started, resulting in a huge amount of dol...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/18 Market Chat

Following the aftermath of the possible interest rate hikes due before 2023 that was announced by the Fed Wednesday night, the market wa...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/17 Market Chat

Post-FOMC yesterday the market acted violently as an instant risk-off approach was taken when the Fed announced there’s an expectation o...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/06/15 Market Chat

Yesterday was a fairly mixed day yesterday to be expected with FOMC pending this week, however, there was a couple of nice market movers...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/14 Market Chat

The week in review was fairly positive in review as we saw the US indices and European Indices edge higher as last week’s inflationary d...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/11 Market Chat

Inflation and the expected interest rate hikes, the driving force behind markets in 2021 as the stimulus was piling into the markets for...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/10 Market Chat

The Global markets are seemingly waiting in anticipation for the US CPI figures to be released, as there seems to be a consensus that th...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/06/09 Market Chat

Yesterday was a fairly mixed day on the markets as US indices remain ranging and lacked volatility as investors wait in anticipation of ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/08 Market Chat

It was a fairly mixed day on the market yesterday as we saw positivity fluctuate throughout the market as the Nasdaq, Dax and FTSE all c...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/06/07 Market Chat

As NFP figures were due on Friday, there was a significant build-up that was pending throughout the week as markets, in general, were ra...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/06/04 Market Chat

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of a ride as there was aggressive movement long and short and in the case of the US Indices bilaterally as...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/06/03 Market Chat

The lack of movement throughout the market remains evident as the majority of the asset classes remains range-bound pending tomorrow’s N...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/06/01 Market Chat

Australia had its monetary policy decisions this morning as much as been left unchanged as the central bank took a dovish approach to in...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

31/05/2021 Market Chat

Last week in the review could be summarised as a week of acceptance, as inflationary fears were put to the side as the global equity mar...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/28 Market Chat

The data that came out yesterday was a bit on the mixed side as US Prelim GDP q/q came out loweer than forecast yesterday but equal to t...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/27 Market Chat

It was a very lacklustre day on the markets yesterday as a lack of volatility forced the majority of assets to be ranging as the market ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/26 Market Chat

It was a slightly negative day on the market as some profit taking came into effect following the last 3 days of rallies, global equitie...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/25 Market Chat

Recovery and continuation will best describe the start of the week as we saw crypto-currencies recover the majority of Friday’s losses s...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/21 Market Chat

Yesterday was a fairly positive day on the markets as we saw some aggressive movements from the US indices as Nasdaq, S&P and Dow al...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/20 Market Chat

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin… Red across the board as China put its foot down on the crypto market driving the whole alternative as...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/19 Market Chat

Negativity ran rampant throughout the market as fears of the Indian COVID variant and another wave of infections pushed the Equities Mar...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/17 Market Chat

Friday was another positive day on the markets as the bulls ran rampant through most of the asset classes as we saw US equities gain gro...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/14 Market Chat

AUDJPYAUDJPY broke and closed below the support zone and dropped 34 pips hitting the target before reversing to the upside.E...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/13 Market Chat

CPI data yesterday moved the markets aggressively as Core CPI increased 0.9% month on month the highest in nearly 12 years. The result b...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/11 Market Chat

Negativity ran rampant throughout the equity market as we saw a big selloff in Nasdaq and the S&P while the Dow declined it was not ...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/06 Market Chat

ADP figures came in significantly lower than expected yesterday, it could be an indication of the NFP figures missing the forecast predi...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/05/05 Market Chat

It was an interesting day on the market yesterday, US Indices opened up with mixed results as Nasdaq declined significantly, to make a n...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/04 Market Chat

It was a mixed day on the markets yesterday Dow remained range bound but seemingly closed positive as it tested 34 150 before closing th...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/05/03 Market Chat

Last week lacked a lot of movement as most markets remained range bound to close out the month, with Unemployment figures pending the la...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/29 Market Chat

Post the FOMC meeting yesterday the Fed didn’t deviate much from their dovish approach. Their focus firmly remains on creating employmen...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/23 Market Chat

Global equities sold off yesterday during the US open taking out all of Wednesday gains. Nasdaq, S&P and Dow all closed close to Wed...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/22 Market Chat

Yesterday saw some market recovery following the selloff that came during the start of the week as US indices all closed the day positiv...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/21 Market Chat

As infection rate globally grew over the weekend it carried over to the equities market as global indices sold off. The US equities all ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/20 Market Chat

It was a negative day on the market yesterday as rising COVID infections drove markets lower as fears of economies returning to normal w...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/19 Market Chat

We closed off last week on a positive note as US indices all closed on a positive for the week as Nasdaq, S&P and Dow all closed the...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/16 Market Chat

Yesterday was a very positive day in the market as US indices rallied to all close the day positive, S&P made a new high touching 41...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/15 Market Chat

It was a mixed day in the market yesterday as profit taking on the Nasdaq drove price down to a daily low of 13 788 following a new all ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/14 Market Chat

It was a positive day on the market yesterday as inflation figures came out of the US, as CPI rose to 0.6% and Core CPI rose to 0.3% bot...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/13 Market Chat

It was a mixed day on the market yesterday as US indices were ranging failing to break through Friday's highs. Similarly European indice...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/12 Market Chat

US Indices all had positive days on Friday as new highs were made on the Dow and S&P, with Nasdaq reaching its previous high. Dax re...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/08 Market Chat

Yesterday was a positive day on the Global equity market as we saw positivity all through the market. Nasdaq, Dow, S&P, FTSE and Dax...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/07 Market Chat

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day as the majority of the indices had a consolidation day as Nasdaq, S&P, Dow and Dax were range b...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/04/06 Market Chat

Easter weekend came with a breath of positivity as S&P, Dow and Dax all rallied well to close yesterday on record highs as index fut...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/04/01 Market Chat

The US indices edged higher as President Biden announced his plan for a $2 trillion infrastructure spending plan. However this does come...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

31/03/2021 Market Chat

The US indices consolidated yesterday pending NFP data on Friday, with ADP figures coming out this afternoon we could get an indication ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

30/03/2021 Market Chat

It was a mixed day on the markets yesterday as statements for Biden indicated that all adults would be eligible for vaccination by 19 Ap...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/03/29 Market Chat

Last week was closed out with investor confidence as US indices all closed positive with the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq rallied to close ou...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/03/26 Market Chat

Following yesterday's positive GDP data out of the US that saw the economy grow 4.3% the previous quarter positivity dominated the marke...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

2021/03/24 Market Chat

It was a mixed day on the market yesterday as the equity markets closed negative across the board, US indices all closed lower for the d...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/03/19 Market Chat

Rising Bond yields dominated the market movement yesterdays as investors call the Feds bluff with the Fed’s interest rate hike expectati...
Authored by TD Markets

16/03/2021 Market Chat

The vaccine rollouts took a step back yesterday as Germany, Italy and France suspended the AstraZeneca vaccination following the complic...
Authored by TD Markets

2021/03/15 Market Chat

Last week ended on a very strong note, as President Biden signed in the stimulus bill positivity flew through the market as equity indic...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

12/03/2021 Market Chat

It was a significant day out of the US as President Biden’s proposed Rescue Plan was put into action as he signed the bill to put the $1...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

11/03/2021 Market Chat

Yesterday was a very positive day on the market as the stimulus bill was approved, with President Biden expected to sign off the bill on...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

10/03/2021 Market Chat

The House of Representatives voted to advance the stimulus bill yesterday, paving the way for President Biden to sign the bill into law ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe


It was a mixed day in the US yesterday as the Dow climbed and made a new high before closing the day just shy of 32 000, Nasdaq closed l...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

08/03/2021 Market Chat

The big news over the weekend came out as the US Senate approved the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, placing a hint of positive outlook int...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

05/03/2021 Market Chat

US indices continued their selloff as bond yields pushed higher, the Fed is still holding strong on focusing on job creation and vaccine...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

03/03/2021 Market Chat

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed day on the markets as European Indices edged higher to close the day positive. US indices were a bit mixe...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

03/02/20 Market Chat

RBA Rate Statements out of Australia were as expected with rates remaining unchanged and increases only expected in 2024.The US Indi...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

03/01/2021 Market Chat

As dusk breaks on the first week of March, ADP figures are calling. It will be a big factor this week as the Fed seems to be focusing mo...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

26/02/2021 Market Chat

The Selloff in global equities continued yesterday as Treasury Notes pulled back a bit from their biggest move since 2016 as investors c...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

25/02/2021 Market Chat

Fed Chair Powell testified in front of congress again yesterday reaffirming that there would not be an interest rate hike for the forese...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

24/02/2021 Market Chat

Last night Powell testified in front of congress to define the Fed’s stance on the current and expected environment for the US economy. ...
Authored by TD Markets

23/02/2021 Market Chat

The biggest mover yesterday was Bitcoin as it plummeted to $47200 after pushing to all time highs over the weekend, unsurprisingly the c...
Authored by TD Markets

22/02/2021 Market Chat

Inflation is the key word on the tip of everyone's tongues as global data rolls out and the expectation of inflationary increase is all ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

19/02/2021 Market Chat

The Asian session has not been too kind to the market this morning, forcing the Nikkei to take a step back from the recovery, Gold and S...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

18/02/2021 Market Chat

Yesterday’s Retail Sales figures came out better than expected pushing a bit more optimism into the Dow while the Nasdaq broke down lowe...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

17/02/2021 Market Chat

Post President's day, carnage seemed to have ripped through the market as Gold plummeted below 1800 with Bond yields stamping their auth...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

16/02/2021 Market Chat

The Asia session soared this morning with the increased hope of economic recovery as vaccines gets distributed throughout the world, Ban...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

15/02/2021 Market Chat

With last week’s uneventful economic calendar behind us this week should be a bit more eventful. As Vaccine rollouts continue across the...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

12/02/2021 Market Chat

Bitcoin edged higher as it hit $49 000 on the back of Tesla announcing that they invested heavily in the cryptocurrency, another institu...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

11/02/2021 Market Chat

The lack of real market drivers can be felt throughout the whole market, with no strong moves coming through the sectors. Fed Chair Powe...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

10/02/2021 Market Chat

Fed Chair Powel is speaking tonight with the Federal Budget Balance being announced tonight, this might very well be where he discusses ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

09/02/2021 Market Chat

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day on the market side, the economic calendar had little to no economic news however the biggest mover came...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

08/02/2021 Market Chat

This week is fairly quiet from an economic calendar point of view, stimulus talks are still underway for the American Rescue Plan with t...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

05/02/2021 Market Chat

Yesterday the BOE put out a statement during its Monetary Policy Meeting stating that rates will remain the same as well as asset purcha...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

03/02/2021 Market Chat

The major talking point yesterday was the major selloff in silver, and GameStop came down crashing almost just as fast as it accelerated...
Authored by TD Markets

02/02/2021 Market Chat

Yesterday we had a fairly quiet day on the market with no significant news that moved the market. Biden’s “American Rescue” plan was cou...
Authored by TD Markets

01/02/2021 Market Chat

The Reddit revolution is in full flight as their target on Silver pushed it up to touch the $29 levels, as they try to short squeeze the...
Authored by TD Markets

Zander’s Market Chat 29 January

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster, from the FOMC statements a traditionally significant market event, which ended up being ver...
Authored by TD Markets

28/01/2021 Market Chat

The first FOMC meeting for 2021 came and went in an uneventful manner, interest rates stayed the same, which was expected and a consider...
Authored by TD Markets

Zander’s Market Chat 27 January

Big day in the market today, the stimulus proposal has been debated, rejected, adjusted and postponed and will more than likely come to ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

26/01/2021 Market Chat

The American Rescue plan, President Biden’s pride and joy, and the focus of this week. The Fed is set to announce its commitment to low ...
Authored by ZanderVanDerMerwe

25/01/2021 Market Chat

So here we are, heading into the last week of the first month of the new year, it sure has been eventful so far. Most of the focus this ...
Authored by TD Markets

22/01/2021 Market Chat

Yesterday’s data was a non-even to say the least, there was a plethora of statements but not a lot of movement. The biggest driver yeste...
Authored by TD Markets

21/01/2021 Market Chat

Today marks the start of Biden's 4 year term in office, taking over arguably the hardest challenge of his life to reform, implement and ...
Authored by TD Markets

Zander’s US Inauguration Market Chat

Big day in America today as Biden’s inauguration is hours away and Trump tries to squeeze out his last actions in favour of supporter in...
Authored by TD Markets

19/01/2021 Market Chat

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, and a quiet day on the market with the lack of liquidity due to the banking holiday. We’ve already...
Authored by TD Markets

Embracing the challenges of Covid 19

2020 presented a year filled with new and unprecedented challenges for companies around the globe. This gave us the opportunity to show ...
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